Süt: Ortalama fiyat 1.34 USD. En düşük fiyat 0.22 USD (İran) ve en yüksek fiyat 3.08 USD (Hong Kong). Veriler 52 ülkeyi içermektedir. Kaynaklarımızı görün. (resources)
Sütün Fiyatı, Eylül 2020
(USD / 1 litre, Kaynak : GlobalProductPrices.com)

Tanım: The milk prices are for semi-skim milk with fat content between 1.5% and 2.5% depending on the specifics of each country. Adjustments were made to the various measuring units across countries to arrive at a uniform measure of one liter. In each country, we identified the leading milk brand and collected its prices from the largest food stores.
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